I'm an art director, but I also love writing.
Yeah, I can't limit myself to a title or a label.
I'm fortunate enough to have traveled and lived in different continents - meeting people, learning languages (I speak three PT | EN | ES) and discovering a lot about cultures, landscapes, lifestyles, and of course, food.
Before advertising I worked as a content producer in broadcast companies and produced different genres of tv shows. Also documentaries, Brazilian soap operas and even news.
But as I learned more about myself I felt that I could no longer restrict myself to producing - I wanted to say things, raise reflections, sow positive changes and use all the previous experiences mixed together to do this and express myself more.
So, I decided to leave my "stable" production job in Brazil to live in Europe. I lived in Lisbon, Barcelona until arriving in London and being chosen to join the D&AD New Blood Shift programme and consolidate everything in my head. Before that I did some backpacking around South America and experienced living in L.A (less time than I would like).
So, finally the turning point came as I was finally ready to dedicate myself to what really makes my eyes shine: to live a creative life with courage and a backpack on my back.